Recently, we took the decision to improve the ways of cooperation between the disciplines while working on projects.

Implementation of tools such as CAD and BIM 360 thus far, will allow us to act faster, more precise and apt within the scope of coordination of complicated projects requiring multilevel  arrangements and verification. 

Naviswork has become the main platform for data exchange between disciplines. Thanks to the huge commitment of our employees, our actions hold not only managerial significance but are also strongly supported by bottom-up initiatives. First and foremost , this is a success of the whole team rather than the Board of Directors in particular. Thank you All!

As a result of such cooperation, we are able to achieve another goal in one of our key design tasks connected with the revamping of the transportation system and raw materials feeding to the production process. 

Screenshot attached to this post is a collective work created by the process, civil and mechanical engineers. Everything  executed in a coherent environment of Autodesk CAD software.